The first and the only private school in Kazakhstan with Business education for children under the international program "MBA kids".
literacy, finance, leadership training
to the most prestigious universities of Kazakhstan and other countries
the quality
of the educational process organization
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Private education becomes available thanks to our school and you make a reliable decision for the promising future of your children!

We opened our doors on September 1, 2020 with the support of JSC "KAZGUU University named after M. S. Narikbayev".
The mission of
We train and educate a generation ready for self-realization and social adaptation in the modern conditions of a rapidly changing world.
A graduate of KAZGUU SCHOOL has the knowledge and skills of the 21st century, the values of the school, is able to adequately respond to the challenges of modern society.
"KAZGUU school" — we are a modern private full-time school, develop and educate comprehensively successful leaders of society!
"KAZGUU school" has a state license for the right to conduct educational activities.
Every child is a little genius. We specifically do solid groundwork for his/her successful future.
The best comments from parents about our school
"Our first teacher is Marina Nikolayevna Reznik. You are a good teacher who gives children attention and warmth. We are already counting the days before the vocation ends))"
Our Tatyana Nikolayevna Kolosok-is a God given teacher. Sensitive, attentive, demanding and fair. She always pays attention, looks after, teaches everything, even etiquette)) Our first victories at competitions, our first certificates, everything due to you! I am sure my son is carefully watched during the whole day! I am calm for the child. Thank you, the best teacher! I am proud of my son! I am proud of such a teacher as you!
How properly manage your ideas, opportunities and most importantly your finances? Today we are delving into @Kazguu school. It is a very interesting and useful master class, many people want to be rich and successful, but not everyone knows how to develop their skills and talents correctly.
about a master class
comment about a teacher
I want to thank camp leader Makhabbat and
counselors Medina, Anya, Alisher. Thank you for interesting programmes, trips and attention to our children. Arsen went to the camp for the first time, he's excited! I am grateful all school team for the superb camp.
Our coolest teacher Aizhan Rakhmanberdiyevna. The most favourite))) The main thing is that children really get knowledge. There are a few such teachers.
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comment about a teacher
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