QAZGUU School basic definitions
School mission:
"We create a favourable and safe learning environment to upbring a generation ready for self-realization and social adaption in rapidly changing world."

Highly-qualified education is a process based on continuous collaboration between teachers and students in a supportive environment.

Teachers of the QAZGUU School are experienced and competent professionals who constantly improve their teaching methods and introduce the latest technologies into practice.

QAZGUU school graduates:
•has good academic knowledge;
•fluent in English (IELTS 6.0);
•a real leader with soft skills;
•successfully uses the acquired skills in a rapidly changing world.


▪P-personality of the student and the teacher
▪S-service to society
▪A- art

●critically thinking
●ICT - competent
●Global Citizen
Global citizenship is awareness of world problems, active participation in solving them and the desire for sustainable development of the world community, based on solidarity, respect for human rights, responsibility and intercultural understanding
Digital citizenship is a set of competencies and knowledge necessary for the successful use of digital technologies and communications in modern society. It allows you to interact effectively in the digital world, make reasonable choices in the use of technology and protect yourself and your information when working online.