"QAZGUU school" is a safe territory where the fire safety and alarm access control system operates. They are integrated with each other, so actions in one system lead to the launch of others.
In case of emergency situations, the alarm system is instantly activated.The school is under constant surveillance - more than 30 cameras inside and outside, the security system operates 24/7.
We pay great attention to the quality of food. The school has its own food hall that meets all sanitary and epidemiological standards.
Our chefs cook only from environmentally friendly products containing nutrients and vitamins necessary for children.

We provide a balanced diet with daily food purchase and quality control.
A fully functional medical office. The office is equipped according to sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
Medical services
Prevention of coronavirus infection at school:
Teachers conduct class hours on the prevention of COVID
We are monitoring the development of the situation with COVID and are doing everything possible for your protection
Daily morning filter-examination by medical workers of all employees and students
Sanitizers are on every floor, in every classroom
Signal signs for maintaining the distance
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