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“Speak Spoken English”

The competition is held annually during the academic year for students from the grades 7 to 10 of the KazGUU school. The competition consists of 3 subsequent stages: the first is writing an essay, the second is preparing and performing a self-presentation, the third is preparing a video, the 4th stage is the final, the determination and announcement of the winner. Each participant, upon successful completion of one of the stages, proceeds to the next one.
The purpose of the competition is to increase the level of proficiency in speaking skills in English.
1. to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their level of proficiency in spoken English;
2. to promote students` creativity
3. to increase students` interest and motivation to English language.
The first stage of the competition began on January 17, 2022.
Criteria for the essay:
• to write an essay on the topic: «If there are different clubs of interests in our school which one will you join to?”
• 250-280 words
• The plot of the essay
• lexical and grammatical content
The students of the best essays will move to the next stage.
Send the essays to email: kazguuschool1akтobe.engdep@gmail.com
The deadline for essays is January 24, 2022