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About the summer business camp

What is a summer business camp from KazGUU school?
All summer on the territory of KazGUU school there was a business camp for children from 6 to 15 years old, our students of the KazGUU school were trained in business skills, and had fun.

Trainings from our business coaches MBA kids:

✔️ The most interesting business games; ⠀
✔️ Drawing up a personal wish card;
✔️Projects and presentation battle. ⠀

Module – Financial literacy ⠀
✔️ Formation of the first professional preferences; ⠀
Children will learn to set long-term goals and get acquainted with the financial side of life. ⠀

Module-Entrepreneurship and Leadership
✔️ Assistance in professional self-determination; ⠀
✔️ Formation of a systematic understanding of effective ways of self-government; ⠀
✔️ Leadership potential development;⠀
✔️ Development of the skill of confident behavior in difficult situations. ⠀

At the end of the 2-week courses in the camp, participants receive international certificates from MBA kids. ⠀
In addition:
• Competition in relay races;
•Tik Tok center and laser tag;
•Learn how to dance cool and shoot videos;
• Trampoline center and swimming pool;
•Cooking classes;
•Chess, art, robotics, quests.