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Memorial Day for Victims of Political Repression

In the republic itself, in the period from 1921 to 1954, 100 thousand people were convicted, and 25 thousand of them were sentenced to capital punishment – execution.
In fact, an entire generation of intellectuals of the Kazakh people who defended their interests was destroyed. Millions of people have passed through the camps.
Despite the hard times, Kazakhstan has become a home for representatives of many ethnic groups who were forcibly deported from their native places.
These tragic pages of our history were shown in the theatrical performance "Memory for the Future", which was attended by employees, teachers and students of KAZGUU SCHOOL.
Olesya Arsentyevna Topilskaya, an employee of the school, shared her impressions after watching the production: "The theatrical production touched a nerve! This year, it has been 115 years since Bulgarians moved to the territory of the Aktobe region. My great-grandfather was one of the first settlers. The Bulgarian people are grateful to the people of Kazakhstan for their hospitality and generosity. Once again, many thanks to the actors, organizers, and screenwriter!"