Новости КАЗГЮУ

Kazguu School has applied for the membership in the Council of International Schools.

The CIS international accreditation is a long process and consists of several stages: obtaining membership, passing through the stages of accreditation, including two visits, as well as taking and confirming accreditation.

In order to take successfully the stages of Accreditation and to ensure the quality aimed at continuous improvement of education at school, working groups on CIS standards were created.

Kazguu School is currently preparing to get the status of "CIS Member". An advance visit of CIS experts is expected in September 2022. By becoming a CIS member, the school will confirm its compliance with international standards for the organization of school life and the educational process.

Why CIS?
The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the most famous organization in the world, which was created to promote the highest standards and the latest achievements in the field of education. Currently, the prestigious club consists of flagship schools and educational complexes from many countries. CIS cooperates with the 50 best universities in the world that are interested in graduates of accredited schools.