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KAZGUU English Week

During " KAZGUU English Week " the teachers of our department conducted a quiz called "Bright brains" with the students of grades 6 in order to form language competence and consolidate existing knowledge in the field of English through the games. The students formed 4 teams, it develops their ability to work in a group, the team captains were elected among them. The topic of the quiz was the revision of the previous topics.
The tasks were very informative and aroused students' interest in the language through the use of game moments that corresponded to the following tasks of both educational and educational nature, fully consistent with the principles of global citizenship:
- development of creative abilities and communication skills;
- increasing motivation to learn English;
- attention and memory development;
- develop the ability to work in a group;
- to foster respect for another culture.
All participants received a charge of emotions and knowledge, as during the games they were waiting for the dancing break. The winners were rewarded with certificates for their active participation.