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Kazguu school Cambridge Exam Preparation Center

The most popular among these certificates are Cambridge English, IELTS and TOEFL – all of them are needed for admission to English—speaking universities, work abroad, emigration or checking your English level. ⠀
Kazguu School is the official center for preparation for Cambridge exams. ⠀
Those who have been preparing for exams in our center have the opportunity to get a discount on passing the exam, since we are partners with the center for passing exams in Almaty.
What are Cambridge Exams? ⠀
Cambridge Examinations — a group of English language exams conducted by the Cambridge University Examination Board (UCLES) (University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) — was established in 1858 with the aim of conducting examinations in schools. Later its functions were expanded. ⠀
The Cambridge exams include: ⠀
Key English Test (KET) Basic level English proficiency exam⠀
Preliminary English Test (PET) English language proficiency at intermediate level⠀
First Certificate in English (FCE) testing English language proficiency at an above-average level⠀
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) Cambridge Advanced Level Certificate⠀
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) Cambridge Certificate of Fluency in English
Young Learners English (YTE) Cambridge Test for Primary School Students⠀⠀
Cambridge ESOL offers a number of Business English exams, including⠀
Business English Certificate (BEC)⠀
BULATS (Business Language Testing System)⠀
What the certificate gives: ⠀
✔️ International recognition, privileges for university admission and study abroad, student portfolio⠀
✔️ Perpetual certificate⠀
✔️ Improving your English⠀
✔️ Objective assessment of knowledge ⠀
✔️ Cambridge English certificates can be obtained with any level of English⠀⠀
✔️ Preferences when applying for a job⠀
✔️ Availability