Новости КАЗГЮУ

Information about school enrollment

Recruitment to the KazGUU school is carried out on the basis of an entrance test and an interview with a primary school teacher, which determines knowledge, skills and readiness to learn. The training is conducted in Russian.

The main advantages of the KazGUU school: ⠀
• The main educational program for SSE ⠀
• Advanced study of the English language ⠀
• Business education MBA kids ⠀
•Professional teaching staff ⠀
• Native language teachers ⠀
• English lessons on the Cambridge system
•Extension - completing homework at school⠀
• 3 meals a day ⠀
• Extra classes and sections ⠀

You can find the list of necessary documents for admission to the school on our website. In addition, we provide discounts for annual education when two or more children from the same family are studying at the same time.

Also, experienced teachers of our school can comprehensively prepare your child for further school life on our express school preparation course.

Having entered our school, you will find a creative atmosphere, modern premises and equipment, delicious and healthy food, a high level of security, medical support, a reasonable price policy.

By choosing KazGUU school, you make a reliable decision for the promising future of your children!