Admission of children to grades 1 is carried out on a competitive basis. To enter the 1st grade, a child passes a test. Based on the test results, knowledge, skills and readiness for training are determined.
Acceptance of documents from parents or other legal representatives of the child entering the first grade in "QAZGUU school" is made from April 1 to August 1 of the current calendar year.

Admission to the 1st grades
Admission of students to grades 2-11 in "QAZGUU school" is carried out on the basis of an application from parents or other legal representatives.
Admission to grades 2-11
The list of necessary documents for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
Application for admission to the school;
Identity card of the parent or other legal representative;
The child's birth certificate, Id number;
Health certificate form No. 063/y and 026/y-3;
Photo 3x4 - 2 pcs.
The list of necessary documents for non-residents:
A foreigner - a residence permit for a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
A stateless person - a certificate of a stateless person;
Refugee-refugee certificate;
An asylum seeker - a certificate of an asylum seeker;
Kandas (ethnic people)-the certificate of kandas.
2 children from the same family
from 4 children and above
The discount is provided for the annual education of one child from the family, while 2 or more children are studying at school at the same time.
3 children from the same family;
The school annually allocates grants for free education.
2 children
3 children
from 4 children