Our primary school will help the child to adapt comfortably in a new environment, establish a system of interpersonal relations (schoolchildren, teachers, parents), help children develop useful qualities for studying: concentration, perseverance, memory and flexibility of thinking.
Elementary school
Joy for children – confidence for parents!
Participation in various competitions, exhibitions, Olympiads, support of a healthy lifestyle of a child, proper nutrition and physical activity are the main priorities of our education.
A busy school day (from 8.30 to 18.00) includes not only lessons: after lunch, walking and a little rest, work begins in clubs and sports sections. A modern approach to teaching, an emphasis on the English language, the creation of exciting projects. In our school, every child and parents are supported by a psychologist and a speech therapist, who are responsible for the harmonious development of students in the learning process.
What awaits the students?
Secondary school is the basic stage of assessing personal potential, developing one's abilities, managing one's attention, emotions, and strengthening self-organization. It is important that during the period of studying in secondary school, a person gradually enters a conscious age when the ability to be responsible for their actions arises.
Emotional competence, mastery of communication and teamwork techniques, understanding of areas of personal growth and development will help you gain self-confidence while studying at our secondary school "QAZGUU school".
Middle school
Identification of interests
"QAZGUU school" - owns the secret of success. And you can reveal it by studying within the walls of our school
This is a crucial stage of transition to high school, where the path from a decent education to choosing a higher educational institution and a successful career begins.
High school
energizes and motivates
- a real idea of the profession;
-the financial side of life;
-long-term planning and rational choice of a future profession, university.
A graduate of "QAZGUU school" is an independent person, has clear moral values, with a high level of communicative development and is able to adapt in a rapidly changing society.
Department of English subsections: • In-depth study of English

• Conversation courses with native speakers
• English for school staff and teachers
• Preparation for IELTS

Activities of the department and subsections here:

-Model UN
-English Language Week
-Integrated lessons

• Annual Speak Spoken English competition

"QAZGUU school" – preparation centre for Cambridge exams:


• IELTS preparation
English language
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